Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Thursday Thunk It, Plus a Blog Award

I really enjoyed answering the Thursday Thunks questions last week so I decided to participate in the prompt again this week. I'm sorry that it's going up a little late in the day, but I've had more cable drama that I'll wait to write about until tomorrow. Today's Thursday Thunks are brought to you by Kimber, the color of a clown fish, and the number 10595. (No, I have no idea what any of that means. I'm just repeating the info from Thursday Thunks.)

1. If you won a brand new house in a Dream House Giveaway would you move into it, sell it to pay the taxes and make a profit, rent it out, or give it to a family member/friend who might need it?

That one's easy. I'd move in a heartbeat so long as my neighbors did not decide to move with me. In case you're new to this blog, I currently live smack in the middle of the Village of the Damned. I might try to sell the Dream House while I'm living in it, but I would not--repeat, would not--hire Little Miss Snippy Pants as my realtor.

2. Are you good at billards?

How do you define good? If you define it as being able to make the balls fly through the air with the greatest of ease, then yes, I'm good. In fact, I rock. If you define it as actually making the balls go where they're supposed to, which I assume is in the holes on the pool table, then the answer is no, I'm not good. I'm not even close.

3. Does anyone on the planet really want to see Levi Johnston naked in Playgirl (other than when Bristol Palin did)?

Uh, no. I would prefer not to go blind by 34, thank you very much. Hef needs to take time out from those ditsy twins and the Holly replacement and fire whoever at Playgirl thought that anyone would want to see Mr. Johnston's Johnson.

4. Is your phone ringing right now?


5. Do you think man has eaten or tried to eat every type of animal on the face of the earth at one point or another? If not, what don't you think man has tried?

No. I don't think he has tried porcupine because the spines would be a bitch to swallow and could very well slice the jugular on the way down.

6. The new movie Avatar has been showing sneak peeks and been hyped to the max. Will you see it?

Yes, when it comes to Netflix. Until then I'll just continue to wonder if it has anything to do with the Avatar cartoon my nephew used to watch.

7. If a slightly bigger fish eats a small fish, then a bigger fish immediately eats that one, then an even bigger fish immediately eats that fish and then finally a huge fish eats the one that just ate that fish and it gets caught by you... how many meals will you have from that one fish?

None. I'm allergic to fish.

8. If you had an appointment with the doctor and all the plants in the office were dead, would you still see the doctor?

Yes, but I would never ask the doctor's receptionist to watch my dogs.

9. Have you ever seen the number 666 in a dream?

Yes, every time I have a nightmare dream about my sister. She has it tattooed in invisible ink across her forehead.

10. "At 20 years of age the will reigns, at 30 the wit, at 40 the judgment."~ Benjamin Franklin. So what happens at 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100?

At 50, the hot flashes reign. At 60, the wrinkles. At 70, the arthritis. At 80, the Tylox. At 90, the restricted menu at the nursing home. At 100, the nurse who holds a mirror up to your face to see if you're still breathing.

11. Would you want your phone number to be (area code) 123-4567?

No, but I would want it to be 867-5309, at least for a week, even if that meant I'd have to change my name to Jenny.

If you want to read others' answers to this week's Thursday Thunks, be sure to check out the links on the Thursday Thunks blog.


Now onto the blog award. I have turned into a super procrastinator when it comes to posting these things. It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's just Staci forgetting she needs to pass on a blog award.

This award, the Superior Scribbler Award, comes courtesy of April at Crazy Little Thing Called Life, who I want to give a big thanks to for thinking of me as a "superior scribbler."

The rules are as follows:
  1. Each Superior Scribbler must pass the award on to 5 deserving blog friends.
  2. The Scribbler must link to the Scribbler who gave him or her the award.
  3. The Scribbler must display the blog and link to this post, which explains the award.
  4. The Scribbler must add his or her name to the McLinky list on that blog post. (I misunderstood this one and thought it meant on the post of the person who gave it to you. Now I feel kind of stupid because I realize there was another blog involved. Nothing like adding your name nearly two weeks late.)
  5. The Scribbler must post the rules on his or her blog.
I'm going to pass this on to five deserving blogs that I haven't given anything to in the past:

I Do Things
A Lot of Loves
The Fly on the Wall
WAHM Resource Site
Inconsequential Logic

Congrats to all!

On a somewhat different note, assuming I can avoid cable drama tomorrow, I plan on catching up on everyone's blogs tomorrow. I'm sorry I haven't been dropping by as much, but I swear if it's not one thing breaking around here (dog's digestive system), it's another (my tv). I want just one non-stressful week. Thanks to Thanksgiving, it probably won't be next week, but a girl can always hope.

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