Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Checking In...

Hey, everyone. I'm not dead, just busy. I got a part time job working for an attorney, which for the last month has been more full time that part. Plus I'm still doing the blog designs. I'll probably be moving in the next month, should Chase hurry up and approve this newest offer on my house, but once I get settled, I'm going to try to devote time to this blog again. So sorry for the absence. I will be back soon.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Maxi Dresses & My Two Left Feet

OK, I'm going to admit something now that it's warming up. I don't own a sundress.  I can't remember the last time I did. I'm guessing it was sometime in high school, when my mom bought my clothes and I didn't fully realize how much stuff cost. Well, I did realize, but I guess what I didn't realize was the dent it made in my mom's paycheck.

It's not that I don't like sundresses. I do.  I just haven't been able to justify buying one in awhile.  When you work in a courthouse for 4.5 years, you buy suits, lots and lots of suits, and, if you're lucky enough to have casual Fridays, you buy nice jeans and sensible shirts. You don't buy sundresses.  Then when you lose said job and work from home, you buy lots and lots of comfortable, practical clothes that you don't mind spilling food on and that work for both the grocery store and the yard.  You basically forget about sundresses.

Then a clothing trend hits like maxi dresses, and your Twitter followers start talking about how much they love theirs, and you start thinking about sundresses again. Not too long after that you remember that you're not the most coordinated individual, and you wonder, "Can I really wear a dress that comes to my ankles without breaking my neck? And what about the girls?  Will they even fit?"  Then you get scared of buying one and go back to your comfortable shorts and tee.

I suppose I shouldn't be scared of something as simple as a maxi dress. It's just fabric, right?  I guess I just need to find one that's for short girls with ta tas who tend to trip over their own feet.

The following is a guest post from SwayChic.com that offers advice on picking the perfect maxi dress and where to wear it:
Maxi dresses are often a summer staple for women of all body types.   Whether you are pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass-shaped, or even boy-shaped, the maxi dress can be the dress for you.  However, knowing your body type will help you pick the right maxi dress for you.  For example, if you are heavier on top, you should find a dress that balances your upper section.  If you are heavier on bottom, you should choose a maxi that balances your bottom half. If you are small-framed, you may want to stay away from the overly float styles and maxis with large prints, as these can overwhelm a small frame. Likewise, a low-cut v-neck will make the upper half of your body look longer so if you are short or even just short-waisted, you may might want to search for a maxi that will create length on both halves.

As for where you can wear the maxi dress, the answer is everywhere.  Maxi dresses are perfect for all occasions and are even cropping up more and more at weddings. The maxi is so well-rounded that, for many women, it has become their first choice among summer dresses and is even nudging out the short as the favorite summer staple.
So basically I need to find a maxi that balances out the girls and makes me appear longer and taller.  If it could also be trip-proof and somehow magically shave my legs for me, that would be great, too. Do they make those?  If not, someone needs to jump on that idea pronto. They could make millions.

Now if only I could sew...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Here We Go Again...Sort Of

So my house is back on the market again. If you've been reading this blog awhile, you know how well that went last time. If you haven't, search for "real estate" over there on the sidebar. I think that's the tag I gave all those old posts. I had the realtor from hell last time. Well, make that two realtors from hell in 14 months.  I had 9 pm showings. I had to throw dinners out. I was told my house stunk all because I ate an egg before one showing. I had a ridiculous amount of no shows that couldn't bother to tell me they weren't showing. I went out of town for a week and came back to find one agent had left my front door unlocked, my door to the garage wide open, and every light on. I had my realtor try to convince me to give this one couple a decorated house, and so on and so forth. Heck, I'm still surprised I wasn't asked to sign over my first born, if I had a first born.

My house officially went on the market, with a completely different real estate agent of course, Tuesday night. Wednesday morning it was shown to some investor who showed up 20 minutes early and didn't stay five minutes, but apparently he liked it enough to make an offer.  Now listen to the offer.  $39,999.  Yep, less than some people's cars.  Less than a kitchen remodel.  Almost less than one year of law school tuition at Emory.  Meanwhile, I still owe around $100,000, and it costs about $135,000 to rebuild this place should it burn to the ground. At least the last time around it was for $45,000, and people like to say the housing market is improving.  Not in this town it's not.  As they said on CSI once, I'm so far underwater, I might as well be wearing scuba gear.

So on the positive side, this guy has cash available, so we don't have to wait for VA Streamline Finance or some other bank or financing company to approve his loan.  Last time around the guy, who I'm pretty sure is the idiot next door, lied on his loan application about all the child support he owed, and the second offer fell through.  On the negative side, we don't have to wait. I was kind of hoping we had to wait. I need a job and apartment before all this closes, or I'll be forced to live with sideshow freaks that call themselves my stepmother, father, and other step-things.

My agent assures me the short sale process is super slow, especially with Chase, so I should still have time to find those things.  I hope so.  I know the loan modification process was painfully slow. You'd send in the requested documents one month, and the next month they'd tell you three things that they never asked for that you "forgot" to include. Then you'd send them those, and the very next month they'd tell you that the first set of documents you sent in you needed to send in again. That went on FOREVER before they finally turned me down.  So here I am, hoping the process is almost as slow.  Almost.  I can't move to the sticks.  I don't do well in the sticks. I need cable. I need internet.  I need indoor plumbing. (Ok, my dad does have that, but you know what I mean.)

So like I said, here we go again, sort of.  At least I don't have to clean like a crazy person every morning for awhile. That's all I've been doing for the last two weeks.  My agent said she wasn't going to start showing the house again unless the buyer backs out.  With my luck, he'll find a termite infestation worthy of an episode of Infested or Billy the Exterminator and do just that, and then no one else will touch this place.  Then what?  Then I guess I'll be blogging from an outhouse in South Georgia or an interstate overpass. That should be fun.  Can you get wifi in a cardboard box?

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Old Dogs, Old Joints, Old Bladders

If you've read my tweets lately, you know I've been dealing with a bit of a mess lately when it comes to my dog Bella, and by mess I mean the wet kind.  For the last couple of months, she has been wetting herself in her sleep.  Thankfully, it hasn't been an every night thing, and I'm pretty sure the majority of the incontinence came from an ill-advised change in dog food.  Since switching back to the more expensive brand, the wetting has become less frequent, but it's still happening.  In fact, it happened last night, and I still have a wet king-sized pillow to prove it.

I'm sure part of it has to do with Bella's age. She'll be ten in June so, if she were human, she'd already be a card-carrying member of AARP and visiting area nursing homes.  The other part I think has to do with her joints.  A lot of times she wets herself when she tries to stand up and she can't quite get her rear legs under her.  She had surgery years ago to repair a torn ACL on her back left leg, and ever since then she's struggled with arthritis in that leg. I've noticed recently the arthritis has been getting worse, especially now that it's cold and rainy out.

Bailey has his own issues with arthritis due to a FHO he had on his right back leg not long after I adopted him.  I used to give him and Bella a product called Dog Gone Pain, which worked great, but Petsmart stopped carrying it, and truth be told I haven't been that happy with some of the cheaper alternatives I've found.  I also haven't been happy with the prescription stuff.  One made Bailey stop eating.  Another caused Bella to wet herself.  A third caused Bella to have a pancreatitis flare up. A fourth made Bella break out in hives.  In other words, none seemed really worth the money, risk, or the trip to the vet.

Consequently, I have been trying to manage their arthritis with just baby aspirin.  (Yes, my vet said this was okay.)  Some days it seems to help.  Some days, especially when it's cold and rainy, it doesn't.  Luckily, VetDepot.com contacted me recently about trying out one of the joint supplements that they sell on their site, Cosequin DS.  Since I'm tired of waking up to my pillow and bed smelling like urine, not to mention seeing my babies limp and in pain, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

 For those of you unfamiliar with the product, Cosequin DS is a glucosamine supplement as opposed to a typical pain reliever or NSAID.  It contains glucosamine hydrochloride, sodium chondroitin sulfate, and manganese, ingredients that help rebuild cartilage and synovial fluid in the joints.  As you can see from the photo, each pill is about the size of a dime, maybe a little larger.

I just started giving Bella and Bailey the products on Saturday night so they're on the start up dose.  For Bailey, I give him half a pill in the morning and half at night.  For Bella, who weighs more, I give one whole pill in the morning and one at night.  After a four to six week period, I can switch them to the maintenance dose, which is half the start up dosage.

The pills have been easy to break apart.  Given their size, I was a bit scared to give Bella a whole one at once.  As you all may know when it comes to Bella, if she can break, tear, choke, or otherwise get hurt on something, she will, so to be safe I break hers in half, and then I break Bailey's halves in half.  That way they each get two "treats" twice a day.

It looks like from the ingredients that the pills are roast beef and garlic flavored.  I don't know if the dogs like the flavor because I learned a long time ago that, no matter what flavor is listed on the bottle, my dogs won't swallow a pill unless it's covered in something.  I can't afford Pill Pockets right now, and the dogs have figured out how to eat hot dogs and cheese from around the pill, so my pill hider of choice these days is peanut butter. It sticks to the meds so well that, if the dogs want the peanut butter, they have to eat the meds, too.

So far the dogs have taken Cosequin without incident.  They love peanut butter, so I would assume they see the supplements as their twice daily, peanut buttery treat.  They definitely get excited when I say, "Medicine!" and come running for it.  Since it takes several weeks for glucosamine chondroitin supplements to kick in, I can't say yet if they supplements are working.  I'll have to update this post in a few weeks to let you know that, but my fingers are definitely crossed.  I'll owe a big thanks to VetDepot.com if they do.

Now speaking of that wet pillow, I suppose I should go stick it in the wash before it permanently smells like urine, huh?

FTC Disclosure:  While VetDepot.com provided me with the joint supplements, the opinions expressed above are all mine.

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